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Area boys’ soccer teams do well, er, except for Forestview

Congratulations to the Storm of Stuart Cramer HS on their defeat of the Forestview Jags on Monday night.  The rest of the scores as reported by the Gaston Gazette:

North Gaston 9, Burns 1: Seth Scoggins and Ulises Trejo scored three goals each. Michael Chafin had two and Sam Christy had one.The Wildcats (9-4-1, 4-2-1 Big South) visit Huss on Wednesday. The Bulldogs (1-12, 0-7) visit Ashbrook.

Stuart Cramer 1, Forestview 0: Zeke Baker scored the only goal of the game and Caleb Kirschenmann had the shutout in goal as Stuart Cramer upset the Jaguars for the first win over Forestview in school history. The Storm (6-7-1, 4-2-1 Big South) visit Kings Mountian on Wednesday. The Jaguars (9-3-1, 5-1-1) visit Crest.

South Point 7, East Rutherford 0: Dylan Maynard and Nelson Lomick scored two goals each. AJ Robinson, Colby Howe and Cade Ratliff all scored a goal. Henry Keel and Ryan Gutkowski had two assists, while Zac Baker and Maynard had one. The Cavaliers (0-10-1, 0-2-1 Southwestern) host Chase on Wednesday. The Red Raiders (9-3-1, 2-1) visit R-S Central.

East Gaston 2, Chase 1: Jonathan Hawkins and Carter Beck scored for the Warriors, with O’Brien Knight adding an assist. The Trojans (6-5, 1-2 Southwestern) visit East Rutherford on Wednesday. The Warriors (9-4, 2-1) host Shelby.

Gaston Christian 9, Metrolina Christian 0: Davis McBee had two goals and an assist and Colten Brewer had two goals. Lucas Whiteside, Jacob Foster and Caleb Thornburg had a goal and an assist each. Frank Lopez and Josh Putnam scored a goal. Jacob Neely had two assists and Jake Hoyle had one. Gaston Christian (13-2-1, 8-0 MAC) will host Hickory Grove Christian on Tuesday.

JV boys soccer

South Point 4, East Rutherford 1: South Point (6-2, 3-0) had goals from Quinn Lewandowski, Matthew Carr, Addison Lomick, and Ian Davis. Raiders goals were assisted by Adam King, Addison Lomick, Carson Smith, and Kaden Ivey.

Headlines sell papers, content brings them back

Often, we are stirred to emotional response by the headlines of a “news” article, opinion page, and yes, even a blog headline.

A current article in today’s Gazette makes us chuckle a bit: “How Liquor Stores Stack Up in Gaston County”.

At first glance, without reading the article, one would think (even the simpletons who edit these pages), that we have stacks of ABC stores in our backwoods lovin’ neighborhoods.

1.jpg     a54986_cg.jpg

You could have a stack of books, a stack of boxes, or a stack of pallets, but stacking up liquor stores?

Of course it made us look — you did too if you clicked on the link or read it in the paper.

The content of the story is trying to make a case to combine all the community’s ABC boards into one (Re: Gastonia), and to point out that the smaller towns don’t know how to market their local operations. And of course, the Gastonia ABC general manager points out that people want to shop at larger, well lit stores. (Re: Gastonia –Cox Road or Long Avenue).

Well, we haven’t seen either dirty or poorly lit stores in either Cramerton or Mt. Holly. Yes, the selection of product is smaller, and as most retail outlets will demonstrate, product offerings tend to follow local consumer demand. Certain items that sell well at Cox Road might not do well or even be offered at Mt. Holly. We get a kick out of the fact that a Harris Teeter is nearby the Cox Road store, and “Always Low Prices” Food Lion is next to the Cramerton and Mt. Holly stores.


Mt. Holly and Cramerton have Belmont’s business depending on which side of town you are coming from. It certainly is more convenient most of the time to shop locally.


Good for the Gazette trying to imply that the yokels outside of Gastonia don’t know what they are doing. It certainly sold a couple of papers.

Bankruptcy Lists – Fair or Foul?

Well, our beloved editors over at the Gastonia Gazette must have really run out of news to publish.


On Friday, the Gazette began publishing bankruptcy filings as listed by the court system. What once was a required public notice posting through classified ad listing of the legal filing, now has been distilled to the basics: name, address, type of filing, and case number.

In the interest of public service, the Gazette allocated in-house resources to distill the information to the “gentle” reading public. In the Gazette’s eyes, why subject readers to the mind-numbing review of legalese that accompany the court documents? Let’s get down to the chase – just the facts: name, address, type of filing, and case number.

The outlash was immediate and very negative from the readers, a sample:

“I have been fortunate that I have not had to file bankruptcy, but I very much resent the fact that any person or family that has fallen on hard times must be exposed to further embarrassment. Does the Gazette not realize that a lot of these folks may have worked hard all their lives, lost their job due to textiles closing or possibly a family member taking ill? As a paralegal I can tell you that everyone has problems, but for the Gazette to zero in on this is sickening. Surely the paper can find a more note worthy way to fill up its extra space. I for one did not read those names listed and I encourage others not too. Shame on the Gazette for their lack of compassion” – Maryann

“I realize that this information IS public record, but how about using a little bit of good judgement here?” – Disappointed

“At best this is dumb, at worst it is a horrific attempt by the Gazette to embarrass folks already hit by heartache. You telling me news is so slow in Gastonia today that we need to publicly humiliate these folks? Really, this is in poor taste guys.” – Gouranga


We agree with the majority on this one – keep the listing where it is required. There is no need to distill the public record further in this type of circumstance. if they wish to pursue these types of records, why not fully investigate the failure of certain businesses or even industries? Usually, the well-connected Gazette/Chamber link glosses over business closings, and then only if they impact 50 or more people. There are hundreds of small businesses established every year, and there are hundreds of failures. 

The Chamber makes a big deal out of groundbreakings, ribbon-cuttings, and position announcements. How about mentoring, monitoring, and rewarding the small privately owned businesses, rather than focusing on a family’s failure or circumstances which are sometimes beyond their own control.

The Consumer Credit Counseling program of Family Service, Inc, has a tremendous process to help families overcome mounting debt-related issues. One or twice a year the Gazette does an article about this critical community nonprofit. The bully pulpit opportunity that the Gazette wields in this case could be used for much more good than to embarass people in this manner.

Gazette, instead of the full-page ads touting your “community service” and “sponsorships”, why not do more to encourage the financial education and mentoring that is needed to gain true freedom. The very freedom that is expressed as your mission.


Gastonia manager unveils $27 million plan for downtown


(Gazette Mugshot – does the guy own a tie, we hope)

 oooh, we get it — let’s get the county to help pay for Gastonia’s downtown development.

yeah, right…

The community would need to invest $12.5 million…move the [recently–built in 2000, $5 million] Salvation Army Shelter into the old [abandoned after a new build was constructed] Boys Club [$750,000+  new construction]…”

“A hands-on activist approach” is called for, he says.

What happens to the already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovation that the city has already paid for in the meantime?

Anybody taking bets on how long this guy will last? Topix and the Community Watchdog should have a field day with this…

We like bold visions and all, but does anybody remember the caterer in Belmont several years ago — pre downtown Belmont renovation — he was lodged in a space jointly owned by Johnnie Lowrey below Dr. Breland’s old office. We can’t even remember the name now, been so long…

He stormed into town with a bold vision and BIG plans, but for some reason, just didn’t seem to attract the type of customers that he “wanted”. As he left town, over his shoulder muttering about the torn up streets, said something about “…support people who want to make change happen”.   

Well Mr. Palenick, the City of Gastonia hired you, not the county citizens. There have been a few poorly thought out plans to impact the county’s economic development, while yours has a few merits, why should we continue to enrich the speculative landlords of Main Avenue? The Salvation Army, even with all the good that it does, would be hard pressed to rebuild just to “get the homeless out of the downtown area”, as you have been overheard stating from time to time.

No tax impact? puh-le-ease…

Will Places First, Red Raider X-Girls Finish Second in Conference Championships

elyse-will.jpg  cross-country.jpg

Congratulations to Elyse Will and her South Point Cross Country teammates !

Ms. Will won first place in the competition at Ashbrook in a season best time of 20:48.1. East Gaston won the team competition by 6 points over 2nd place South Point.

What is interesting is that in both the boys and girls competitions, multiple soccer players appeared among the all-conference (top 15) award winners.

Listing of the results courtesy of the Gastonia Gazette:

Individual results
(Top 15 named all-conference)
1, Elyse Will, South Point, 20:48.1; 2, Hayley Black, East Gaston, 22:47.2; 3, Tameron Sealey, East Gaston, 23:11.2; 4, Emily McEwan, South Point, 23:31.4; 5, Cameron Sealey, East Gaston, 23:45.9; 6, Damita Ford, Hunter Huss, 23:52.4; 7, Abby Propst, North Gaston, 23:56.2; 8, Lauren Parker, South Point, 24:05.6; 9, Allison Rodriguez, Forestview, 24:13.2; 10, Kylie Payne, East Gaston, 24:15.2; 11, Anna Vermeulen, Forestview, 24:16.9; 12, Kelsey Davis, South Point, 24:31.2; 13, Janet Smith, East Gaston, 24:37.0; 14, Emily Costner, Ashbrook, 24:43.4; 15, Amanda Spence, South Point, 24:45.0; 16, Foo Matthews, Forestview, 24:53.6; 17, Becca Coley, East Gaston, 25:02.5; 18, Caroline Boyce, South Point, 25:04.7; 19, Mary Leslie Miller, Forestview, 25:06.5; 20, Courtney Huggins, Ashbrook, 25:12.5; 21, Emily Rhodes, Ashbrook, 25:13.7; 22, Hayley Connor, Ashbrook, 25:21.5; 23, Mara Teague, East Gaston, 25:22.3; 24, Erin Cockfield, Ashbrook, 25:37.6; 25, Courtney Cooper, Ashbrook, 25:40.1.
At large all-conference selection — Chance Walker, Ashbrook

Team scores
1, East Gaston, 31; 2, South Point, 37, 3, Forestview, 78; 4, Ashbrook, 96; 5, Hunter Huss, 143; 6, Crest, 157; North Gaston, no score.

Individual results
(Top 15 named all-conference)
1, Zack Queen, Forestview, 17:42.8; 2, Jacob Englert, Forestview, 17:58.7; 3, Michael Rogers, Ashbrook, 18:26.2; 4, William Carstarphen, South Point, 18:33.0; 5, Allen Salazar, Forestview, 18;36.7; 6, Will Carter, Forestview, 18:39.8; 7, Miles Lynn, Hunter Huss, 18:46.4; 8, Logan Helsel, East Gaston, 18:52.2; 9, Brandon Rouse, Forestview, 18:57.7; 10, Jimmy Heracklis, Forestview, 19:07.6; 11, Terry Peters, Ashbrook, 19:18.3; 12, Josh McKinney, Crest, 19:22.8; 13, Jarrett Willis, Crest, 19:41.0; 14, Matthew Knight, Forestview, 19:44.6; 15, Chandler Caldwell, Forestview, 19:45.9; 16, Matthew Katsuleris, East Gaston, 19:51.9; 17, Kyle Bradley, Forestview, 19:52.9; 18, Patrick Rhyne, East Gaston, 19:54.6; 19, Alan Nolting, South Point, 19:59.5; 20, Patrick Stillwell, South Point, 20:00.2; 21, Kyle Nelson, Forestview, 20:01.6; 22, Charlie Sinclair, East Gaston, 20:03.9; 23, Jonathan Robinson, Ashbrook, 20:13.4; 24, Eric Quinn, Ashbrook, 20:14.4; 25, Nathaniel Nieminen, Ashbrook, 20:17.8.

Team scores
1, Forestview, 23; 2, Ashbrook, 77; 3, East Gaston, 87; 4, South Point, 100; 5, Crest, 104; 6, Hunter Huss, 160; North Gaston, no score.

South Point still unbeaten, beats Forestview 35-16

Another great “away” crowd at Forestview on Friday night saw South Point stay unbeaten and at the top of the Big South Conference.


(Aaron Crumbley makes a run – David Luoto photo for the Gazette)

The football was good, even entertaining when Forestview went up early in the game. This led many to believe that maybe the Ashbrook game took something out of the team.

Then South Point took over — and the Gazette tells a better story than we could anyway.

Next Friday is South Point’s homecoming weekend. South Point will be hosting Charlotte Latin, a state power and ranked in News14’s – “14 to Watch” list. Good competition makes makes for good competitors.   

We don’t believe the players or coaching staffs of North Gaston, Crest, or South Point are looking past their next games, but the media and local communities sure are — Phillip Gardner writes a story about the upcoming three weeks of football competition. We agree with him on this one – Can’t Hardly Wait.

The line score:

SP 14 14 7 0 – 35
F 9 0 0 7 – 16

First quarter
F: Jarkeevus Alexander 88 kickoff return (Kick failed), 11:47
SP: Desmond Lowery 9 run (James Justice kick), 9:12
F: Preston Lyon 27 FG
SP: Aaron Crumbley 15 run (James Justice kick), 3:21

Second quarter
SP: Crumbley 2 run (James Justice kick), 5:13
SP: Brandon Spencer 19 pass from Lowery (James Justice kick), 0:45

Third quarter
SP: Crumbley 4 run (James Justice kick), 0:16

Fourth quarter
F: Kevin Jeter 6 run (Brant Aldous kick), 0:10



A Little Love for South Point from a Gazette Writer

Phillip Gardner, a sportswriter for the Gaston Gazette had a couple of nice things to say about the Red Raider game versus Ashbrook the other night.


A little love offering perhaps for the gushiness expressed for Gastonia schools over the last several years perhaps?


Who knows?

Don’t like paying $5 to park in the neighborhood? COME EARLY and tailgate ! If you wrote more stuff about Belmont area sports in a more loving tone, like what is usually reserved for Forestview and Ashbrook, maybe someone would let young Mr. Gardner park for free. 


Really, to be fair, we think Mr. Gardner does a wonderful job of covering sports in Gaston County. He makes an effort to attend the games, and get a feel for the players and coaches in his articles.

A little love goes a long way in selling papers…