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Discussion of random issues in the City of Belmont affecting our neighbors. Opinions expressed here are those of the posters and are just that, opinions. Please observe Front Porch Rules or you will be pushed into the bushes… 

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  1. Karen,
    start with US Census bureau info, then the Gaston County Health Department has facts and figures. The schools would have some information, and of course the hospital could give you some direction about how the ER is used as primary care by a large number of residents. The Salvation Army, BCO, and other helping agencies also have detailed reports to help you.

    We will send you more information by email.

    BFP editors

  2. OK- Council – wake up….. ease the water restrictions. The lake levels are up, it’s raining…we need to wash our houses before our siding ruins. At least give us the weekend to do that. Come on! The water dpt. needs the revenue anyway!( Thought the dollar signs might get your attention LOL).

  3. The annual Belmont Optimist Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday, March 29 at Linwood Springs Golf Club in Gastonia, NC. We would like to offer all participants the opportunity to participate in this event as sponsors and/or players. The tournament will be a four-person captain’s choice with a shotgun start at 7:30AM. Lunch will be provided. The number of players will be limited, so be sure to register early. Registration forms can be obtained at or by calling 704-825-0564. Thanks for your continued support of the Belmont Optimist Club and its’ many youth programs.

  4. Hello, fellow -Belmontians!

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  5. Turner has my vote. I like what he has to say and I agree with him on turning down large track builder projects. They certainly don’t do anything for the community except crowd the schools and bring down property values. I have lived in Belmont all of my life and plan on being here until I die. I want to see Belmont mature gracefully as I hope to.

  6. This is the BIG question of this 2007 Belmont City Council election..Substance…or the lack there of.

    Don’t VOTE for just a Name, Looks, or Fresh Ideas. Examine each candidate & ask: What hard core substance qualifies them to represent Belmont at one of the most critical times in our town’s history?

    Here is my take on each of the candidates who I heard at the recent candidates forum in Belmont:

    Dennis Boyce – a North Belmont resident who seems to have bone to pick over water and sewer issues and advocating strongly for North Belmont. He seemed uniformed and off the cuff in many or his responses and also a bit excitable. He has no prior political experience or community involvement. Seemed to go along with flow and not generate many new ideas. Sorry, Dennis, but I was not impressed.

    Becky Burch – Becky is not particularly well spoken, doesn’t seem to hear well and doesn’t produce extremely cohesive thoughts. She is running for re-election and apparently has a strong following. Her main emphasis is on Senior Citizens, which seems to be bit self-serving, since she is one. I did not hear any fresh ideas from her. She does not represent the City very well and I think she should retire. While I appreciate her past service to the community, we desperately need some new blood.

    Charlie Flowers -(see comments for Becky Burch) Yes, their signs are usually beside each other, that’s because they represent the same platform, age group, etc. Charlie and Becky obviously need to retire, but should NOT be under estimated as they have a strong core following!

    Irl Dixon – running for re-election. Irl came off as experienced, intelligent, and sincere. I really liked him & he presented fresh ideas about managing growth. I think Irl has done a great job & brings a lot to the table, mainly experience & knowledge. He has shown is willingness to serve Belmont and would be a good choice.

    Ron Foulk – A school principal for 30 years. I like the fact that he knows the schools and would represent their interest. He came across as thoughtful, intelligent, and informed on most of the subjects. He is mature and committed, unlike some of the other Johnny Come Lately’s. I think Ron would also do a good job for Belmont if elected.

    Martha Stowe – Martha is a schoolteacher running for election and has run before, but never been elected. She is the only credible female running and I thought she came across well. Her assets are her involvement in the community with Keep Belmont Beautiful and her association with the school system. I am impressed with her positive attitude. Go Martha!

    Curtis Gaston – Curtis Gaston is the son of the famous Harley Gaston, which he made very clear to everyone in a long monologue he read which disrespectfully went well over the allotted time. He just moved back to Belmont after what, 20 years? He is well spoken, but lackluster on most his responses. When asked about the new identity of Belmont, he suggested that Belmont should recruit “Hollywood Money” by having movies made here. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like job security for Mr. Gaston, not what Belmont needs! He is completely inexperienced politically & has done nothing in the community before. He lacks both knowledge and background of important issues facing Belmont (due to his long absence) He is 44 and unmarried, no kids, so much for knowledge of schools! Just say NO to Curtis Gaston, as there are better choices.

    Richard Turner – Yes, I saved the best for last. Richard outshined everyone at the forum with his highly intelligent responses, knowledge, and new ideas on managing growth. Richard has lived here 15 years and has been very involved in the PTO. He is level headed, educated, & committed to our community. You would had to have been there to see what a great job he did with each question and I think he really would be a great asset to Belmont! Best of luck to you Richard and all the candidates!

    This is just my opinion, but I do make a effort to stay abreast of the issues. Obviously, one of the biggest right not is uncontrolled, explosive growth. This problem treathens to turn our little Mayberry, into the next Pineville. Burch and Flowers have made their stance clear, approving the subdivisions being built now that will bring us 1000+ new residences, with no accountability for improved roads or schools. This does not show vision folks. Gaston and Boyce show great promise, but for now they are green and lack valuable experience and knowledge on the issues. They also need to get involved in the community and show us they are committed to Belmont. That leaves the four most qualified, Turner, Stowe, Dixon, and Foulk.

    Election Strategy 2007: Don’t let the vote get diluted amongst all these newbies or Burch and Flowers will get relected. What’s wrong with that? Nothing is, unless you like a spilt council, uncontrolled growth, and a lack of vision for Belmont’s future. Vote Strategically and focus on the candiates with the most overall substance.

    My top 4 choices in order: Turner, Stowe, Dixon, & Foulk. Best of luck to all

    My objective here is to start some discussion and debate about these candidates, so let’s hear what you think? Who are you going to vote for and why??

    This is a critcal time in Belmont’s history, so please understand and know your candidate before voting Nov 6th, 2007!

  7. I think this is a great venue for sharing ideas and discussing politics and current events in Belmont. I wish the site were just a bit more user friendly, like showing the number of comments and more concise categories. Might I recommend going professional with Moonray designs in Gastonia. They are fantastic web designers and very reasonable. I think this concept could be wildly popluar if it were just more intutitive and navigatable. Great idea, I love it, please take it to next level!

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