Front Porch Rules of Civility

1.  Everyone is welcome, pull up a chair, or just hang your feet. Yes, the steps can be used as well.

2.  Speak to us as you would a friend in their own home, or risk getting pushed into the bushes.

3.   Any vulgar, profane, or obscene language will be deleted as soon as it is viewed by the editor.

4.  If you are posting something in the comment sections that could be construed as libelous, slanderous, or just plain wrong, you will be pushed into the bushes. If we publish something that could be wrong, we will make effots to correct or clarify, but mostly our comments are what you would expect if you were sitting in on our general conversation.

5.  Opinions are those of the posters, and no one else. If you want to be silly, that’s ok, just don’t be rude.





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