Coffee Break


Ahh, yes, about half of the editiorial board are not that all knowledgeable about coffee. We all know that we like it.

In Belmont, Nichols, Caravan, White’s, Jerry’s, Shirley’s, McDonald’s, and Hardees are good places for a cup or two, and conversation.

The Belmont Police hang out at Nichols. A lot of business people catch up and read papers early in the AM at McDonald’s, moms and preschool-age kids seem to have playdates there as well. People on the go, and those who have a bit less to do in the AM wander into Caravan. The high school students cruise through Jerry’s; and White’s, Hardees, and Shirley’s seem to have the senior crowd pretty much wrapped up.

You have seen us hanging out at Caravan, McDonald’s, and White’s just in the past few days.

We sure do like our coffee – even the plain old “large cup” kind…


Carter hasn’t lost charm on Gaston County


(Gazette Photo)

Former President, Jimmy Carter, made a stop in Gastonia on Friday to promote his newest book, “Beyond the White House: Waging Peace, Fighting Diseases, Building Hope“.


He was a bit late, or so the “waiters-in-line” were told. But it was worth the experience to see a living former US president. He looked old and tired and still had the charm that the textile workers from the mid-70’s remember. Mr. Carter may not have had the “greatest presidency” or been the “most beloved” president, but he has done the most with his post-presidential life.

Nobel laureate, statesman, philanthropist, author, and world-traveler just to name a few expressions that follow his name.

Thank you Mr. President,  for remembering Gaston County and your ties to our area.