Perseverance Counts – Giants Win Big


‘Nuff said…

Giants 23 – Packers 20 OT

Belmont native, Koren Robinson, played ok, team just couldn’t put it away tonight.


Looking forward now to the Super Bowl, and having to clean up this party mess…


Conference Championship Sunday

   giants.png   VS.   packers.png       


chargers-white-away.png   VS.   patriots.png

On the Belmont Front Porch, Conference Championship Sunday is actually a bit bigger than the Super Bowl. The reason? There are TWO games and a lot more emotion wrapped up in the outcomes — plain and simple.

There is a split in the factions, so this year it seems that everyone will be rooting for someone else. This makes for an interesting evening.

No school on Monday and with MLK holiday on top,  it is all working well for a wonderful get-together.

There were some stores sales the past week to help with party planning. The food prep is pretty easy — with two games back-to-back — there is time for two complete meals. Nobody really stresses out over it all.

Ok, well, one for the kids, and one for the gamers. The rest of us just sorta come and go.  

We will have chili, hotdogs, chips (lots of ’em), wings, and a lot of pickups like the smokie sausage thingy’s. Since we have too many cheese-heads in Belmont, we have to grill out Brats — they are sooo picky with their food choices during ball games.

Right now it appears that overall, people are predicting the Pats and the Pack in the Super Bowl.

It has been a great football season.


Old Men Can Still Play


Old jokes aside, emergency Vinny has plenty of zip

It is good to see that some old guys can truly get up off the couch and still play. As the Bud Light commercial says, “…overly competitive touch football player-hero…”, this guy ain’t it.

A week ago, Testaverde and his family spent Sunday afternoon in their New York-area home, watching the New York Jets and New York Giants on television. Testaverde spent this Sunday carving up the Cardinals.

21 and a half years after winning the Heisman Trophy, playing for 6 NFL teams, Vinny comes back to lead a desperate Carolina Panthers to an away victory.


(VT, 11-13-1963, yeah, uh-huh, that’s right old guys)