South Point Hoopsters Fall to the Jags


In a closely contested competition, the Red Raiders fell short at home tonight 62-58 to the Forestview Jaguars.

South Point kept the more talented Jags close in each of the quarters, even holding a slight edge during the first quarter. Forestview held a halftime lead of 30-27.

There was good energy in the gym during the second half. Spectators on both sides getting hoarse over the sheer wall of noise of the hundreds of cheerleaders.

Des Lowery had a good game. Don’t know how many points he scored but he had a sick blocked shot late in the 4th quarter. He had to jump at least 4 feet above everyone to block the Forestview player’s shot from the perimeter.

South Point was fired up during the last two minutes of play, briefly pulling within 2 points, until #10 from Forestview put a couple sweet layups, and finished at the free throw line.

Forestview swept all four games tonight winning the girls jv and varsity games as well as the boys jv and varsity.

South Point looked much better tonight than they did against Ashbrook a few days ago. They hustled more and fought for the ball, earning several fast  breaks, but not able to finish.

Gazette Account:

 Forestview 62, South Point 58Trey Whitworth had 28 points and the Jags put together a strong defensive effort to pick up their second league win Tuesday. Jack Sumner added 14 points for Forestview (7-7, 2-1 Big South), which plays Friday at Ashbrook. Dan Alliss scored 20 and Christian Lawrence poured in 13 for South Point (2-12, 0-4).


Will finishes strong in State 3A Cross Country Championships


Junior X-Girl, Elyse Will of South Point finished in 17th place on Saturday in the NC State 3A cross country championships at Tanglewood Park in Winston-Salem.

Will finished strong with a time of 20:30.17 for the 5K run. There were 126 runners in this year’s championship. TC Roberson of Skyland, NC won the overall team championships with 31 points, placing 5 of their runners in the top 10.

Congratulations Miss Will on a great cross country season!


High School Football – Big Homecoming Night Looming in Belmont

 sphs.jpg     football.jpg

Usually, most schools schedule lightly regarded opponents for special event nights such as homecoming, opening day, senior night, etc.

Not the South Point Red Raider Football team. Friday night’s match up with Charlotte Latin pits two unbeaten and top state-ranked teams, on South Point’s homecoming night.

Charlotte Latin complex

Not to be outdone on the football field, the South Point homecoming court, also has 11 “players” to take the field at halftime.

Kevin Cary at the Charlotte Observer is picking Latin over the Raiders, 34-24.

Our friends and neighbors see it just a little differently on the Front Porch. If the defensive unit can stay focused and in control, we have a shot at sending the boys from the private school back home to their mommies, crying no doubt.

Speaking of crying, two weeks in a row now, at home and away at Forestview, “Megaphone Man”, has been shut down and quieted from his exhortations at the football contests.  

megaphone-man.jpg     profanity.jpg

At home against Ashbrook two weeks ago, Gaston County Police asked him to stop. At the Forestview game, he tried to play dumb and denied having the “artificial noise-making device”.

“Megaphone Man” has been a staple at SPHS football contests for as long as we can collectively remember. “Git-R-Dun Boys” used to be the call from the top of the stands. Recently however, this guy, your typical football, hometown former-jock, shaved bald and loud as the dickens, has gotten pretty derogatory in his calling out to players, officials, and coaches.


What was funny once, isn’t funny any more. We hope he can control himself.

Will Places First, Red Raider X-Girls Finish Second in Conference Championships

elyse-will.jpg  cross-country.jpg

Congratulations to Elyse Will and her South Point Cross Country teammates !

Ms. Will won first place in the competition at Ashbrook in a season best time of 20:48.1. East Gaston won the team competition by 6 points over 2nd place South Point.

What is interesting is that in both the boys and girls competitions, multiple soccer players appeared among the all-conference (top 15) award winners.

Listing of the results courtesy of the Gastonia Gazette:

Individual results
(Top 15 named all-conference)
1, Elyse Will, South Point, 20:48.1; 2, Hayley Black, East Gaston, 22:47.2; 3, Tameron Sealey, East Gaston, 23:11.2; 4, Emily McEwan, South Point, 23:31.4; 5, Cameron Sealey, East Gaston, 23:45.9; 6, Damita Ford, Hunter Huss, 23:52.4; 7, Abby Propst, North Gaston, 23:56.2; 8, Lauren Parker, South Point, 24:05.6; 9, Allison Rodriguez, Forestview, 24:13.2; 10, Kylie Payne, East Gaston, 24:15.2; 11, Anna Vermeulen, Forestview, 24:16.9; 12, Kelsey Davis, South Point, 24:31.2; 13, Janet Smith, East Gaston, 24:37.0; 14, Emily Costner, Ashbrook, 24:43.4; 15, Amanda Spence, South Point, 24:45.0; 16, Foo Matthews, Forestview, 24:53.6; 17, Becca Coley, East Gaston, 25:02.5; 18, Caroline Boyce, South Point, 25:04.7; 19, Mary Leslie Miller, Forestview, 25:06.5; 20, Courtney Huggins, Ashbrook, 25:12.5; 21, Emily Rhodes, Ashbrook, 25:13.7; 22, Hayley Connor, Ashbrook, 25:21.5; 23, Mara Teague, East Gaston, 25:22.3; 24, Erin Cockfield, Ashbrook, 25:37.6; 25, Courtney Cooper, Ashbrook, 25:40.1.
At large all-conference selection — Chance Walker, Ashbrook

Team scores
1, East Gaston, 31; 2, South Point, 37, 3, Forestview, 78; 4, Ashbrook, 96; 5, Hunter Huss, 143; 6, Crest, 157; North Gaston, no score.

Individual results
(Top 15 named all-conference)
1, Zack Queen, Forestview, 17:42.8; 2, Jacob Englert, Forestview, 17:58.7; 3, Michael Rogers, Ashbrook, 18:26.2; 4, William Carstarphen, South Point, 18:33.0; 5, Allen Salazar, Forestview, 18;36.7; 6, Will Carter, Forestview, 18:39.8; 7, Miles Lynn, Hunter Huss, 18:46.4; 8, Logan Helsel, East Gaston, 18:52.2; 9, Brandon Rouse, Forestview, 18:57.7; 10, Jimmy Heracklis, Forestview, 19:07.6; 11, Terry Peters, Ashbrook, 19:18.3; 12, Josh McKinney, Crest, 19:22.8; 13, Jarrett Willis, Crest, 19:41.0; 14, Matthew Knight, Forestview, 19:44.6; 15, Chandler Caldwell, Forestview, 19:45.9; 16, Matthew Katsuleris, East Gaston, 19:51.9; 17, Kyle Bradley, Forestview, 19:52.9; 18, Patrick Rhyne, East Gaston, 19:54.6; 19, Alan Nolting, South Point, 19:59.5; 20, Patrick Stillwell, South Point, 20:00.2; 21, Kyle Nelson, Forestview, 20:01.6; 22, Charlie Sinclair, East Gaston, 20:03.9; 23, Jonathan Robinson, Ashbrook, 20:13.4; 24, Eric Quinn, Ashbrook, 20:14.4; 25, Nathaniel Nieminen, Ashbrook, 20:17.8.

Team scores
1, Forestview, 23; 2, Ashbrook, 77; 3, East Gaston, 87; 4, South Point, 100; 5, Crest, 104; 6, Hunter Huss, 160; North Gaston, no score.

A Little Love for South Point from a Gazette Writer

Phillip Gardner, a sportswriter for the Gaston Gazette had a couple of nice things to say about the Red Raider game versus Ashbrook the other night.


A little love offering perhaps for the gushiness expressed for Gastonia schools over the last several years perhaps?


Who knows?

Don’t like paying $5 to park in the neighborhood? COME EARLY and tailgate ! If you wrote more stuff about Belmont area sports in a more loving tone, like what is usually reserved for Forestview and Ashbrook, maybe someone would let young Mr. Gardner park for free. 


Really, to be fair, we think Mr. Gardner does a wonderful job of covering sports in Gaston County. He makes an effort to attend the games, and get a feel for the players and coaches in his articles.

A little love goes a long way in selling papers…

Taking stand for the band

Good article in the neighbors section of the Charlotte Observer today about the plight of Marching Bands in the Gaston County Schools.


Have you ever seen a ruff, tuff football player making the rounds, hat in hand, to sell fruit during the holidays? At the local churches for the “pre-game” meal served to South Point football players, do most of them thank the preparers/servers with a handshake or a word of praise? It must be a God-given right for football players to have a trainer, doctor, and multiple coaches along the sideline to “guide these young men and leaders” through the intracacies of  high school life. The message is, “someone else will take care of you”. What are they teaching their charges about life?

Not so, for the so-called “non-revenue sports and extracurricular activities”. Scraping by every year to teach fine arts at the high school level, teachers employed by the school system, resort to what amounts to begging for leftovers through piddly-fundraisers. Nickels and dimes are raised to offset the thousands of dollars necessary to operate a band or theater program.

At South Point for example, the band instructor, Tim Hamilton, has as many as 80-100 students in the marching/concert band class in fourth period. John Devine, PE teacher, has as many as 6-10 coaches, some of those are volunteer-daddies, for 60 players.  Players from South Point are also fed, visiting teams as well, after each home game — granted, a couple of hotdogs/hamburgers — but still fed, while the band has to run out to the local McDonald’s to get hamburgers at a reduced rate. According to SPHS Booster Club (re: FOOTBALL), this is because, “If we fed the band, we wouldn’t have enough to sell”.


Football, and all sports for that matter, are extracurricular activities, just like Band, cheerleading, French Club, and Moot Court. We would expect as taxpayers, that the various school sports booster clubs respect the students and families that PAY to see the football darlins’ — in the case of the Red Raiders — HOME and AWAY.


The 70 or so banner sponsors(at $300 a pop), Ray McKenney, and the Football Boosters should also support the Marching Band, which is an important part of the Friday Night High School Tradition.

We are calling on our Belmont friends and neighbors to help support the bands and fine arts programs at South Point. Participate in their fundraising activities and consider “adding” some dollars to your contribution for their effort.

You can call the school, 704-825-3351 to get band contacts, and contacts for the other programs as well.

Local Youth Sports scores reported


Youth Football – Pop Warner – Pee Wee

Cramerton 34, Gaston War Huskies 0 — Zach Brown and Tyler Bray had two touchdowns each. Dan Johnson added a fifth touchdown. Cody Griffin, Caleb Gilley, Kamen Powell and Brandon Lee led the defense.

Union Road 33, Belmont 6 (Sept. 15) — Marquis Myers scored twice and T.J. Fair, Tre Brice and Grant Stafford all added a touchdown for Union Road. Johnny Beard and Logan Bradley led the defense.

Union Road 40, Belmont 6 (Sept. 15) — Myklti Armstrong scored four touchdowns and Josh Dawkins and Bishop Ford had a touchdown each. Scott Krawcyzk and Alec Inman led the defense.

Belmont 16, Mount Holly 0 — Andrew Jordan and Nick Muse scored touchdowns and had extra-point kicks in Belmont’s win. Muse, Jerme’ Leeper, Corey Stowe, David Ray, Thomas Brooks and Greyson Queen stood out on the Belmont’s (3-1) defense.

Mighty Mites South
Belmont 20, Mount Holly 7 — Ethan Broome, Scott Lee and Nick Farmer scored touchdowns in the win. Alex Nagle and Mario Douglas stood out for the Belmont (2-1) defense.

McAdenville Orange 32, Kings Mountain 0 — Isaac Hampton scored a pair of touchdowns while Jacquez Armstrong scored twice, including once on a fumble recovery and Chadian Rodriguez returned a kick for a score. Adrian Delph recorded an extra point, Chase Sturgis and Jason Odem led the offensive line and Dylan Green, Devion Moore and Christopher Craig led the defense.

Tiny Mites
Belmont, Mount Holly Black — Keaton Hale and Devon King had touchdown runs. Celeb Gibson, Chandler Evans, Sam Lowrance and Evan Tatham stood out in the game.

Middle school softball     

Belmont 20, Holbrook 0 — Jordan Wilson (4-for-4) and Ashley Mull (3-for-3) led the Wildcats offense, who had 12 hits. Emily Tucker got the win on the mound with 8 strikeouts for the 4-0 Wildcats.