John Devine

South Point shuts out rival East Gaston, 31-0

(Chris Lane making a first down – John Clark, Gazette Photo

The Gazette has partnered with to offer a wider variety of subjects rather than the tired old Ashbrook and Forestview fare that we have come to read over the past several years.

The article, written by stringer Bill Hupp, offers the Gastonia paper a lesson in “fair and balanced”. It is a good idea to contract with people who will give the flavor of the event, rather than slant it to the paper’s ultimate interest.

 Anyway, South Point beat East Gaston 31-0, taking a measure from last year’s whuppin’. Lowery, Lane, and Crumbly looked good in the effort on the ground. Justice had a struggle kicking last night, but the season is still not to the halfway mark yet.

Reports of “8,000 people” and an “overflow crowd” are a bit exaggerated, even by South Point Booster standards. With this event being called “Black Friday”, the new “PSL” seats keep many people away from the stands, wandering around as if they were in the wilderness. “Black Friday” at South Point is the culmination of a weeklong series of themes, pep rallies, and school spirit activities uniting the student body. The term comes from the tradition of the Black and Red school colors, and wearing all black on the Friday of the East Gaston game. Of course, there are a small number that choose to wear all white on this day, just to stick out. Most of the 1,200 students at SPHS are into the week’s events and participate with enthusiasm. I carried over to the ball game as well. Great spirit in the stands and in the areas outside the fence near the new scoreboard.

Area homeowners and neighbors have taken a page from the homes and businesses that surround Wrigley Field in Chicago. Charge a few buck to park in our driveways, cut down the walking distances to Lineberger Stadium on game days — helps with the ol’ property tax bill.

The still undefeated Red Raider football team is looking good. Keep goin’ boys!

South Point HS Football and Soccer Teams Keep Pace

Both the Red Raider fall “ball” teams are doing well enough to draw the attention of coaches, spectators, and colleges from around the state.

The boy’s soccer team is currently ranked #2 in the State in 3A division, and the equally undefeated football team has cracked the state’s Top 10.

Go Boys – Git-R-Dun !

Soccer this week: Home on Monday vs. Ashbrook; Away on Wednesday vs. Forestview — two very tough matches indeed !

Football this week: Home on Friday vs. East Gaston High School

Friday Night Lights and (Rain)


A wet, soggy night greeted football fans around the region on Friday. The rain was a welcome respite for yards and gardens, but not needed on the lush, exempt-from-water-restriction football fields.

South Point overcame a very sloppy first half deficit to beat visting Burns, 28-7. Burns had led 7-0 at the half, but according to Gazette reports, “…there was no worry…”, in the Raider lockerroom.

Desmond Lowery had another good game for the 4-0 Red Raiders, rushing for 127 yards and three touchdowns. Fullback Aaron Crumbly got into the action Friday night with 128 and a TD. Lowery only attempted one pass all evening.

Soggy fields give way to outstanding play in the trenches. Senior offensive lineman, Trevor Reeves, a good friend and neighbor, said in a Gazette interview, “…We felt like we could move it [the ball] because the defense was stepping up.” The defense for SP did just that, keeping Burns from adding to their first half tally at critical moments. The defensive line of Daniel Biggerstaff, Daniel Gillelan, Greg Lancaster, and Weston Lawing were given credit for keeping Burns out of the goal. Daniel Holmes led the defense with seven tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery.  

Other area games:

Ashbrook won, North Gaston lost, Forestview won, East Gaston lost, Crest won, and Hunter Huss game was postponed to Saturday due to the rain.


Next Friday at South Point, it is “Black Friday”, a traditional spirit rally for the students and fans, and of course it is East Gaston at home that evening. Just remember, no body paint…