1. Former councilwoman, Jane Ray has withdrawn from the city council race. Reported by the County Board of Elections. No reason given –

We suspect that a recent meeting at a prominent citizen’s home prompted several people to reconsider their candidacies. With 10, now 9, running in the Belmont municipal election certain incumbents have a slight leg up with a dilution of votes available.

As of October 1, we haven’t seen the typical growth of candidate signs around town as in previous years. Maybe the the drought has kept down the weeds so to speak, hmmm?

One candidate, neighbor, Richard Turner, must have an axe to grind with someone. His recent letter to the editor of the Belmont Banner suggests that city staff need be more accountable to council, and of course, he’s just the one to be the best for the job.

2. When are the community forums that have been successful in the past? Oh, wait, Charlie Martin is already on council — no need for those now — just ask Charlie, he has all the facts.

3. Haven’t seen much about the Parks and Recreation Bonds either in the papers or in flyers or letters. While we feel that this is a good step for the department, it seems that the staff and recreation advisory council needs to get on the ball. 

There is a very quiet effort, led by a couple of incumbent council members to see that the bond question is defeated. Shades of a past election where a secret write-in campaign brought back the consumate politician/slumlord, Billy Joye. This campaign looks very, very similar.

4. Is development even an issue with the candidates for council? Or are they all on the payroll of a real estate company in some form or another?

Incumbents running for re-election:

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