It has been a while, with job losses, relocation,  and children moving away, our crew has been slightly distracted for a number of months, and now, what appears to be years.

We hope to get back into the swing of community commentary and punditry.

Your input and feedback is vital. And, once again – we are just a few folks who like our community, like where we live, and love our families. Just like you. We may disagree, we may state that disagreement, but we will neither get emotional or upset about any of it.

Lessee, there is a lot to look at, where do we begin…..

South Point is again doing well in Football, a new Harris Teeter is opening soon. Seven sites remain to be developed in Belmont Reserve, and it appears that Brookline Homes have six more sites in Eagle Park.

Speaking of Brookline, who opened offices on East Catawba. They will be doing a chunk of the development along the river where an old mill once stood. Municipal elections coming up soon (Nov. 7th) and new hurdles for bridge(s) over the Catawba (like the idea or or not).