Is nothing private anymore?


A report in Workforce Management is discussing a recent hacker attack that compromised Monster’s information system.

Acknowledging that no security system is totally safe from penetration. It points to a scary fact that using aggregating database systems, such as Monster, Careerbuilder, or even social-networking sites such as Facebook, individual privacy is traded for a “promise”.

“The recent assault didn’t target the Monster database; instead, it was what experts refer to as an IFrame exploit. Job seekers viewing employer profiles on Monster were unknowingly redirected to another server, leaving some users vulnerable to hackers, says Roger Thompson of Exploit Prevention Labs, a New Kingstown, Pennsylvania, company that offers products and services to prevent Web-based security breaches.”

“These are innocent eyes going to Monster,” Thompson says. “They are unaware of the dangers that lurk.”

According to Exploit Prevention Labs, exploits cover the spectrum of website viewing. Below is a recent demonstration of one that affected Major League Baseball:

So, what can be done to protect your privacy?

Be aware, be very aware… someone is always watching…