Night Shift Work May Cause Cancer


Seems that a study has determined that 3rd shifters are at higher risk for cancer development than those people who working during daylight hours.

Media reporting has noted that melatonin, a chemical that helps regulate the circadian rhythm, is suppressed during nighttime work by lighting in the workplace. The result of the limited testing is that this process is “carcinogenic” to humans.        Ok…

However,there are conflicting reports within the scientific community that seem to debunk that theory.


Here in Gaston County, we have known this for over 100 years with the shift demands of the textile industry. Working the night shift isn’t too good for your health.

Financial “wants” however had outweighed the negative health benefits. So, we worked in the mills instead of the farms, where we worked from sunup to sundown — for more money…

Now, with the mills disappearing — and a lot of manufacturing in general — the service industry replaces the factory work. That means still more 3rd shifters.

Walmart’s business model of providing jobs for the masses in brightly lit, highbay boxes, just means another generation of area folks feeling they need to risk health to improve an already distressed lifestyle.

Let’s see just in the Belmont community right now, we have McDonald’s serving 24 hours, Bi-Lo open 24/7, Holy Angels operates 24/7 (critical care need), Waffle House, and Walmart. Public safety such as police and fire operate on rotating shifts so that people aren’t always working the graveyard hours. A very few mills still operate in three shifts. They are working 2-twelves, if they are working at all.

Take care out there…