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By Daniel Jackson
November 6, 2007 – 11:55AM
Voting got off to a busy start at Belmont Central Elementary School with only a few minor mix-ups, said Barbara Parker, the chief judge of that voting precinct.

“It started shortly after the polls opened and it’s been a steady stream ever since,” Parker said. Parker said volunteers at the other two voting precincts in Belmont sounded like they were busy, as well.

A few voters showed up that were not registered to vote at the school, but poll workers helped them find the correct precinct, she said.

“We were able to figure out where they needed to be,” Parker said.

Parker said she doesn’t know what the turnout will be like compared to previous years, but she expects more participation this year because of the school and recreation bonds on the ballot.

As of about 10 a.m., voters trickled in a few at a time. Parker said the precinct had a line early this morning, when people stopped on their way to work. She said she expects things to pick up again at lunch time and after people get off work tonight.

“We’re just crossing our fingers that the rest of the day goes the way this morning did,” Parker said.

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