joe_depriest.jpg Joe DePriest got one right. Good article neighbor.

His column last week talks about the recent clean up sweep of the riverbanks. The drought helped to reveal a lot more trash, and the ability to get at it.

He goes on to talk about the importance of preserving cover and buffers in the peninsula area that extends all the way up to Mountain Island Lake in Mt. Holly and into Lincoln county.

The peninsula is a fragile ecosystem by its nature. Development pressures put watershead issues into the mix of discussion, runoff, and water use in general. Developers would have you believe that their retention ponds and “greenway set asides” solve the problem. The natural barriers of the rivers create access choke points.

A good example of the negatives can be found along Brawley School road in northern Mecklenburg county near Mooresville. This area is a penisula into Lake Norman.  Traffic back ups are a way of life. Noise, emissions, and river(lake) buffer reductions have caused a myriad of problems.

It is an important issue, and we believe continued long-term discussion and involvement is good. We like the name being bandied about as well, “The River District”.  Thank’s Joe for keeping it on the topic list.