yes, it is hot and dry.

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that the fall leaves will be shortlived this year without rain.

It is amazing, grass turns brown, and noxious weeds turn green. Several yards in Belmont have beautiful “lawns” (re:weeds have taken over).

This morning (8/15, at 8:15 AM), the weather is much cooler than the past few mornings (67 compared to high 70’s), but mother nature is not foolin’ us ! It is still forecasted to be up to 101 (record high temps) by this afternoon. The weekend is expected to be very hot as well. Every day in the low 100’s.

Tropical Storm Erin (TD-5, right now) is brewing in the Gulf and should probably bring rain to the Carolinas sometime late in the weekend or the beginning of next week.

We do need the water.