The Wachovia Bank branch, located at the corner of Wilkinson and North Main Street was robbed this morning. Two people were injured by knife-wielding robbers. Officers were searching the wooded area near the new Lowe’s box next to our beloved Wal-mart

This is just one more in a string of robberies in the Belmont area. Just recently the Waffle House and NAPA Auto store were victims of robbers. Is there a pattern ?

With growth, comes greater frequency of opportunity for criminals and citizens alike. Helping to “preserve a small town atmosphere” (that so many politicians broadcast), is a community responsibility. Now suggesting that locals can control when and where crimes such as this one will occur is downright silly. Being aware of what is going on around you in parking lots, on your walks through town, and while driving in your car can help send a message. That message is that “we see you — and we see what you are doing”.

Our hearts go out to those injured in today’s incident.