What not to wear to Gaston County schools, according to the school system’s dress code:

·       Pants cannot hang below the waist.

·       No extra-long or tall tees, tall sweatshirts, tall jerseys or tall jackets/coats

·       Shoes must be worn at all times ·       No bedroom slippers or pajama attire·       No mesh shirts, cut-off T-shirts, biker/spandex shorts or pants with holes above the knees·       All shirts/tops are to cover the midriff completely

·       Shorts and skirts cannot be any shorter than mid-thigh in length.·       Gym shorts can only be worn in P.E.·       Overall straps are to be fastened properly·       No hats, hoods, bandanas or sunglasses

·       Sexually explicit words or drawings, profanity, alcohol, drug or gang symbols cannot be worn

  •        Underwear shouldn’t be seen  

What you can wear and still look good:   

(yeah, right)      

·       Patchwork plaid Bermuda shorts are good alternatives for short shorts.

·       Short-sleeved hoodies with puffed sleeves are also in style.

·       Girls can also wear ballet flats as opposed to flip-flops.

·       Guys can also wear Bermuda shorts, plaid shorts and polo shirts.

·       Jeans for guys are becoming darker and more fitted.  The shape of jeans is changing, and they’re not going to be as low rise. The waistlines on jeans are moving up.

Can anyone say uniforms?