Month: August 2007

New wave of city managers taking reins in Gaston

Good article in the Neighbors Section of the Charlotte Observer by Belmont neighbor, Joe DePriest


Good Luck to all of our area City Managers !

Cramerton Police look for suspects in fire at old Mayworth School

They are looking and watching…

Rain Relief on the Way ?


The latest on Tropical Storm Erin ( picture above) Link

We are aslo watching Dean, which is moving into the Gulf and could impact the Carolinas when it finally reaches the area.


Here in Belmont, we still remember how unprepared we were for Hugo in 1989. Who would’ve thought that the hurricane would still be Category 3 after 300 miles over land?

Thursday AM forecast for Gaston County – Darn !

Uh, Oh – Feds want to build holding center

Mecklenburg would be last U.S. stop for many illegal immigrants

This story worries us.

The worry is on several levels: county coziness with private developers, current county inmates sleeping on floors already, holding area for the entire mid-Atlantic region, operating costs not defined, and sustainable funding not identified or confirmed.

Is this the way to run a “business” ? 

Looks like the winner in this idea is the “private developer”.


Fall leaves choking in summer heat

yes, it is hot and dry.

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that the fall leaves will be shortlived this year without rain.

It is amazing, grass turns brown, and noxious weeds turn green. Several yards in Belmont have beautiful “lawns” (re:weeds have taken over).

This morning (8/15, at 8:15 AM), the weather is much cooler than the past few mornings (67 compared to high 70’s), but mother nature is not foolin’ us ! It is still forecasted to be up to 101 (record high temps) by this afternoon. The weekend is expected to be very hot as well. Every day in the low 100’s.

Tropical Storm Erin (TD-5, right now) is brewing in the Gulf and should probably bring rain to the Carolinas sometime late in the weekend or the beginning of next week.

We do need the water.


Cramerton hopes to turn loss of industry into economic gain

Gazette Article reporting that the Eagle Mountain Finishing Millis closing. It is located at Eagle Road and Eastwood Drive on the Belmont-Cramerton limits line.


Speculator/Developer, Mark Godley of Charlotte, trying to keep his investment listed as a “hot property” says that there is a “suspect” that will be bring 250 jobs and $75 million of investment to the huge “big box”.


It is difficult to believe.

We hope Cramerton town officials and the developers from the Eagle Park project, just across the street, have all participated in any of Mr. Godley’s discussions. Cramerton Town Manager Michael Peoples, said, “…having Eagle Mountain close will mean $25,000 lost in tax revenue.”  (Notice he didn’t say, Per Year, ??)

Sounds like “government-speak”  for water rate increases to us —

This property also borders the proposed Belmont-Mt. Holly Connector road. Belmont officials are pinning a lot of development hopes on the success of an additional spine artery down the Belmont Peninsula.

Let’s just say everyone is smart enough to have discussed this, and the artery south is just what a warehousing business needs to connect to the Garden Parkway and make connections to I-485 and I-77 for south and east. North to an intersection at I-85 is also a possibility. It will still probably take a good 20 years to get these roads built. In the meantime, the Lakewood, Timberlake, and even Glenmere subdivisions will see property value decreases (from a decreased resale market and resistance to buy nearby this major road and industry).

But hey, we are just citizens, not town planners with Masters degrees in Public Administration.  


MMMM, Good


Ran across this blog entry after searching Food and Recipes. We thought it looked good:


“This is a favorite of many southern cooks. It’s actually a friend’s recipe, and it tastes great!

12 large onions, chopped

8 cups chopped green tomatoes

½ cup salt

6 red peppers, chopped

6 green peppers, chopped

6 cups sugar

3 cups vinegar

1 ½ tablespoon celery seed


Put onions, tomatoes, and salt in saucepan.  Cover with boiling water.  Cook 5 minutes.  Drain for ½ hour.  Combine vegetables with remaining ingredients in saucepan.  Bring to a boil and cook 10 minutes.  Seal in jars.


To “drain for ½ hour” simply pour the mixture into a colander and let set in your sink at least 30 minutes.  Do not press on the mixture or attempt to remove excess liquid.  Simply let the mixture sit and drain naturally.”